REACH the TOP Accountability
(Third Option Participants of REACH)

REACH the TOP (RTT for short) is an accountability group organized under the SC Code of Laws 59-65-47; the code of law is referred to as the Third Option. Third option accountability groups trust parents to maintain their own records and choose the child’s educational best interests. RTT does not want to interfere with parental rights about their choices. We hold each other accountable to the minimum standard of the law. However, third option doesn’t mean you have to figure it all on your own.

RTT is exclusively for members of REACH. By keeping RTT under the REACH umbrella, we limit our group geographically and encourage our membership to be local. We don’t think we can adequately service homeschoolers from every corner of the state. If we all belong to the same support group, our paths will cross more often so we can become personally acquainted with each RTT member. If you should ever need RTT to vouch for you, we can speak more authoritatively because we know each other.

We are accountability with built-in support! Upgrade your membership to include RTT for only $10/student (early registration, before August 1) or $15/student (late registration, anytime after August 2). Also add a low-cost transcript preparation/assistance fee for all High Schoolers.
9th-10th grade $10/student and 11th-12th grade $20/student

You must be a member of REACH to enroll in RTT.
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  • RTT maintains membership records and 90-day/180-day compliance forms.
  • RTT offers quick and easy online electronic registration and payment (via PayPal or credit/debit card). Alternative payment arrangements upon request.
  • RTT keeps a copy of high school GPA and transcript on file.
  • RTT prepares a class ranking report for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades by June 15th each year.
  • RTT provides letters for dual credits approval, DMV, Governor’s School, & scholarship programs.
  • RTT can issue a withdrawal letter for students transitioning from public school programs.
  • RTT offers low-cost official transcript preparation and tutorials.
  • RTT provides End of the Year program, including graduation, diploma certificates, and senior gift.
  • RTT’s local director provides a prompt response for member assistance.
  • RTT maintains a complete handbook and ranking policy online Here (Handbook)
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