Top 10 reasons to join REACH the TOP accountability in South Carolina

TOP 10 reasons to join REACH the TOP (RTT)

  1. RTT provides the means of legal compliance under SC Code of Laws 59- 65-47, regardless of religious affiliation, educational philosophy, or lifestyle choices.
  2. RTT offers free record keeping workshops in Fall and Spring to help you with getting started or building high school transcripts.
  3. RTT keeps your students’ memberships and their 90-day and 180-day compliance forms on file should you have need of them at any time.
  4. RTT does not require standardized testing. Testing is left up to parental discretion which test and when to test.
  5. RTT’s local board members and director are available with resources and encouragement as needed. You’ll see us at group events and online discussion forums.
  6. RTT’s ranking policy is in compliance with the Commission on Higher Education, qualifying our graduates for the Palmetto Fellows and LIFE scholarships.
  7. RTT offers low cost transcript preparation and/or tutorials for parents preparing their own transcripts. $20 high school fee includes official transcripts sent for colleges and scholarships, plus a certificate of diploma.
  8. RTT works with REACH and Student Council to host “A Celebration of Learning,” the end-of-year program where Seniors receive special recognition and a graduation gift.
  9. RTT has a unique relationship with the REACH support group. By getting to know each other through the support group, we can further validate our accountability to one another. We are accountability with built in support!
  10. REACH the TOP is one of the most affordable third option accountability groups around.

If you’ve already completed the REACH application and have a User ID/password, you can JOIN RTT. Be sure you are logged in as a member.


If you can’t get logged in, contact admin for assistance.

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