If your student will be transferring enrollment to public, private, online, or governor’s school–you may need an official report card. Many schools do not understand homeschooling, so we can format your records and “translate” what you have done in a way the makes sense to school officials.

Please submit your student’s courses. Include the basic 5 mentioned in the homeschool law: Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies. You can be specific about any of the subjects. For example Social Studies might be Ancient History or South Carolina History. Add on any additional courses you wish: Art, Music, World Languages, PE, etc.

And designate a grade.
For students Kindergarten-2nd grade:
N=Needs Improvement

For students over 3rd grade:
Even if you have not kept grades, please specify a numeric grade that reflects your student’s ability and achievement. This will help the school with placing your student in appropriate courses and levels.

Let RTT know if you have any other questions. rtt@reachgroup.org

  • List the name of the parent who is the primary teaching parent.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to this address.
  • Current Grade level
  • Do you need this for a school--tell which one? Or are you just filing for back up of your own records?
  • List the names of the student's courses and the numeric grade earned. Add courses with the (+) plus symbol.
    Course TitleGrade Earned 
    Add a new row