We’d like to welcome all our members–whether you’re new to homeschooling, new to Columbia or just new to REACH. We are sooooo glad you’re here. 

Homeschooling is booming–and our REACH membership is growing. We had about 1/3 new members last year…and already about 1/3 new members again this year. I think REACH is something uniquely special–and I’m worried that we’re growing so fast that we’re starting to move away from the foundation of what makes REACH so great.

So we want to be sure that we clarify a few important points about our organization and our policies.  Please direct any complaints or questions to reach@reachgroup.org. Or call Kim 803-348-2419. Let’s chat–I’m happy to talk it out.

The goal is to support each other as homeschool parents.

REACH is a support group for moms to help each other. Or dads. Whichever parent is the homeschool teacher. Most of members have one parent who is primarily involved in homeschooling. Everything we do comes back to that goal: To support each other as homeschool parents.

  • The membership fee to join REACH is one payment–for the homeschool parent. No matter how many students you have. It’s the parent who is the member.
  • The discussion forums, newsletters, text alerts–are all communication for the homeschool parent.
  • The activities are for the parent to come with their children. So our policies in the handbook explain how we work together and help each other.

Some of the REACH policies are to help protect the volunteers who organize events and activities. Some of the policies are to help protect the participants who attend. And we encourage all members to organize and implement at least one meet-up: a field trip, a playgroup or a Mom’s Night Out/Teacher Night Out.

The goal is to support each other as homeschool parents. 

REACH admin team initiates a lot of activities, too. We love to meet people–and we are investing our time and energy into REACH members. And we know that our members are all busy. We know that you can’t come to everything–we also know that you might not want to come to certain activities.

  • It’s okay if an activity doesn’t suit your schedule or your interests.
  • But, please be sure if you sign up, that you show up.
  • Or at least follow-up with some communication if your plans change.

We burn out our volunteers when they’re expecting 20+ people and only a few to none show up. Some activities need a definite head count–or a prepayment. We have fewer and few volunteers willing to do those kinds of field trips because something has happened to our inter-communication. We currently a vacancy admin job for Field Trip committee coordinator. So, even if it’s just “meet-up,” let’s all be mindful to communicate.

Remember the goal is to support each other as homeschool parents.

REACH is not a program or a service. We don’t do background checks or investigate the qualifications of our volunteers. We don’t have procedures for disciplining other children.

  • The parent is responsible for their own children at our activities
  • We don’t do drop-off activities. Thanks for your trust–but, please don’t trust us that much!
  • We have a code of behavior that we expect at all REACH activities
  • We also have a conflict resolution procedure. If something doesn’t meet your expectations, please notify an admin so we can work toward resolution.

There are a few exceptions when parents would not be directly supervising their own child. Like at co-op or a field trip where there are age-specific groups and the parent cannot be in 2 places at the same time. So, we arrange for buddy-ups where we team up to collective watch the kids. However, the parents are still nearby where we can find each other.

Student Council meetings and activities are organized and implemented by the teens. Some of these Teen Activities are stated as drop-offs permitted. However, the parent must still contact the adult volunteers who are supervising to exchange contact information. It’s very important that the REACH members still communicate directly–not let the teen translate and relay the information.

The goal is to support each other as homeschool parents.
That’s what makes REACH so great!