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Meet the RTT Director: Kim Andrysczyk

I am a veteran homeschooler with 15+ years of experience. I joined the REACH admin team in 2008 and became the director of RTT in 2010. I have utilized all three accountability options at various times in my family’s homeschool journey, and I believe third option accountability gives parents the most flexibility. I believe in school choices, and I support the diverse choices our members make for their children. Some members, like me, homeschool some of their children while having others enrolled in public school. Some  homeschool for a while, while others are in for the long haul. I believe my job is to encourage you through the tough times and inspire you to strive for excellence.

In the years I’ve worked for RTT, we were able to stay compliant with SC Department of Education, build rapport among third option directors, established compliance with the Commission on Higher Education (CHE), secure Palmetto Fellows scholarships for RTT grads and several LIFE and HOPE scholarships, assist student applications for Governor’s School, and qualify for NCAA eligibility. We’ve increased enrollments of REACH and RTT and have kept the fees consistently low. We have assisted members who faced court proceedings and DSS investigations. The REACH admin team holds me accountable for the standards of RTT. If RTT members ever have a complaint, you can appeal to REACH admin team. I’m here to help you.

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