REACH support group members may print their own ID cards. If you wish to have a laminated ID card delivered by ID card examplemail, you may order one (or more) here.

The laminated ID card easily fits into your wallet. It will help you get educator discounts wherever teacher or homeschooler discounts are offered.

Place your order here and submit:

ID Cards

Order ID cards
  • Name of REACH member who is the primary teacher and chaperone for homeschooling. This is the name that should match your Driver's Licence name.
  • Please include the first and last name of anyone else that will chaperone your students to homeschool events and activities.
  • The ID cards will be mailed to you at this address.
  • A confirmation will be emailed to you that we have your order.
  • Input the total number of cards you have ordered.
    Price: $3.25 Quantity:
  • $0.00



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