Welcome to Record-Keeping 101: High school Transcripts, oh my!

The weight of responsibility for Homeschooling in High School is sometimes intimidating for
parents. We believe that all homeschoolers want to open the doors of opportunity for their student’s future. Good record-keeping is essential—and not as hard as it might seem.

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Let’s start with what the law requires…and taking a look at what it says. Know what the law says…and when someone questions you, you can always say, “SHOW ME” in the law where you find that requirement.

For High School, you will want to expand the subjects beyond the 5 basics outlined in the law. A good guideline is the SC Diploma minimum 24 credits. These credits on a homeschool transcript demonstrate an equivalent education that is required for SC graduates. Homeschoolers will not earn a diploma with these credits, though. 
SC requires these credits for a diploma:

  • 4 English
  • 4 Math
  • 3 Science (2 lab sciences, usually)
  • 1 U S History, 1 Other Social Studies, ½ Government, ½ Economics
  • 1 Physical Education, 1 Computer Science
  • 1 Fine Arts
  • 1 Foreign Language or Occupational Specialty
  • 6 Electives.

Colleges may have different requirements for admissions. Homeschool parents will serve as guidance counselors to ensure that their students have the necessary credits and courses for their desired destination beyond High School. Public school students may graduate with these basic 24 credits up to 32 total—so homeschoolers may also earn credits within that range. Alternative records and portfolios may also be useful to demonstrate student’s ability and achievement for college admissions or employment opportunities.

Points to discuss:
What record-keeping does the SC Law require? What are the basic paperwork requirements of RTT? Attendance, portfolio, lesson plans/journal/syllabus, semi-annual progress report.
What other records do high schoolers need to maintain? What do RTT require members to turn in? Why?
Textbook table of contents, syllabus, course description.
What do college admissions require?  4-year plan towards that goal. Be prepared for the student to change their mind.

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