Green Steps Protect was our 3rd project for 2016-2017.

Litter Prevention is a Green Steps project about protecting the environment by picking up litter. This Green Steps project has 3 components:

  • Students learn something about litter in South Carolina
  • Do something about the litter problem
  • Teach others about what they have learned about litter

We planned this project for REACH Student council–where students meet once a month to plan social opportunities and volunteer service activities. This student club gives teens experience with student-led government.

Learn: Big “Butt” Problem

This particular lesson has two components: an environmental awareness project and a community service project.

  • Environmental awareness: Litter is an environmental problem.
  • Community Service: Volunteers are needed to help keep the Midlands beautiful.

Green Step Learn

Students learned about the environmental and economic issues. What sort of things are discarded: cigarette butts, especially. Cans, bottles, and fast food containers are also common roadside litter. Where litter is already being dumped, seems to collect more. The more we are aware of the issue, the less likely we are to continue littering. It’s much better to put the trash in it’s proper place.

Do: Adopt-a-Highway

The students came out for adopt-a-highway pick up. So far we have done just a “one-time” clean-up. We picked up 31 bags of litter in about a mile and a half. We are working to find a section of roadway that we can adopt for a longer commitment.

Teach: What have you learned?

The teens are working to recruit more volunteers to help with the litter pick-up project. Trash is a problem along our roadsides. Taking the time to come help pick-up litter is actually kind of fun. Plus you get to wear the fashionable bright orange vests. All REACH members are invited to come help with our next litter pick-up.

Green Steps Teach

There are lots of locations available for the Adopt-A-Highway or Adopt-A-Waterway for you to get involved with litter prevention. Some of our teens also came out Earth Day at Soda City to help promote opportunities for Adopt-A-Highway with Keep the Midlands Beautiful.

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