REACH homeschoolers are now on Instagram. Follow us there!


Click here to follow REACH on Instagram

We’re so excited to announce that REACH is on instagram now! Be sure to follow us there. Also there’s a couple ways you can share your photos with us, too. Here’s how:

1. Hashtags and tags:
Use the hashtag #reachhomeschoolers or tag @reachhomeschoolers in your instagram posts. There’s nobody currently using the #reachhomeschoolers, so we can search for each other that way. It’s just us. If you tag @reachhomeschoolers then more of your friends will find our group account to see what we’re all up to.

You can include the hashtag when you post your picture. Or you can include the hashtags in the comment section. Either way brings the photo up when anyone searches for that #hashtag. So, you can go back to photos that you have already posted and hashtag a comment with #reachhomeschoolers. Pretty cool trick, I think!

2. Direct Message:
If you would like to have any of your photos appear as a REACH post, you can direct message the post from your personal feed. Here’s how:

Direct Message a photo on InstagramFind the picture you want us to repost in REACH’s newsfeed. Click the arrow underneath the photo. Send to reachhomeschoolers or select our profile from the list.

Note that the pictures we reshare must be public or your profile must be public. Otherwise the pictures don’t show up to all our followers. You can also email your group pictures to us at

So hurry on over to Instagram. We’ll see you there!

Click here to follow REACH on Instagram