REACH offers opportunities for High School age students 9th-12th grade to develop leadership abilities while learning about good citizenship, cooperation and government. Council meets once a month to plan their monthly activities: Teen Night Out/Teen Afternoon Out, Game night, Holiday parties, Community service and more.


High School Council meets on the 2nd Friday of the month in Irmo at 1:30 pm (usually the 2nd Friday, depending on availability of the meeting space). Student officers are voted into office for a full year of service. Other council members have the opportunity to organize activities and vote on council decisions.

Annual Dues: $10
Contact advisors:  Glenda Ooi or Christina McGovern

We look forward to great ideas and activities from these young leaders. We invite you to get involved!


High School Honor Society meets quarterly for volunteer service opportunity. Induction ceremony in May each year and participation in REACH graduation. Students GPA and test scores required for eligibility:

  • 3 or better GPA on 4 pt scale
  • SAT: 1200 (after March 2016)
  • ACT: 26
  • PSAT: 1200
  • Stanford: 90%
  • Iowa: 90%

Click here for more information on REACH’s Honor Society

Adopt-A-Highway: REACH is committed to the Adopt-A-Highway program with Keep the Midlands Beautiful. Our pick-up patrol is the section of Jamil Road from St. Andrews to Piney Grove. All High school students are encouraged to participate, but all ages are welcome (with parental supervision).

Check the calendar for upcoming pick-up dates and details.

REACH Co-op Locations meet weekly (14-weeks per semester). REACH also has a One-Lesson-At-A-Time Club for those of us who can’t commit to 14-weeks at a co-op. Teens meet and socialize thru educational activities in cooperative learning classes. REACH co-ops are not a drop-off program; Parents are required to be actively involved in helping implement the weekly activities. Find out more about current schedule at REACH Co-op.

Plus, REACH has groupwide activities for all ages. We know that teens often prefer age-specific activities. But, these groupwide activities serve as a great jumping in point for new members. We encourage teens to come–meet new people–and demonstrate their commitment and follow-thru. The more teens we have coming out for activities, the better we can plan and develop activities that teens want.

REACH Teens and Teen Parents are invited to join REACH High Student Council group 
Note: must be a member of REACH to access the group.

Ready to join REACH?