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The REACH Co-op provides a venue for parent-led classes, discussion groups, and clubs. Kids (and parents!) get a chance to socialize and share the fun of learning. Older kids can especially benefit as committing to a class teaches them time management and personal responsibility.

Each co-op is independently maintained by parent volunteers, and classes will vary. If you’ve never participated in a co-op before, that’s ok! Ours is set up that we have something for each age group at each hour. However, you do not have to stay for all three class hours, you can pick and choose what suits your family. Some classes are planned out weekly by an instructor, with parents staying in the class to assist. Others are led by a rotation of parent volunteers, also with parents staying in the class to assist. REACH co-ops are not a drop off set up, but more of a community.

Semester registration fee: $10/student (ages 5+), limit $30/family, a building fee to pay or donate to the building for their utilities and supply costs. Each class or club may have a supply fee, which covers the entire semester as well.  You must first join REACH ($15 per year per family) in order to register for co-op.

Classes start the first week in September.

Click on the image to find out more about each location’s next semester.

Some information is still in progress.

Newberry coop   WC coop   North East Coop  




For Everyone: All participants must read and agree to the REACH Co-op Manual of Operations before registering for co-op. We recommend you save the PDF for future reference.