RTT members, please submit this form when you’ve completed 180 days by June 5th. If you’re still working to document the 180-days of learning, please contact RTT@reachgroup.org so that we know what’s happening…and if there’s anything you need help with. ***High School Students: Please also submit Transcript Report form RTT membership includes transcript preparation for all High […]

If your student will be transferring enrollment to public, private, online, or governor’s school–you may need an official report card. Many schools do not understand homeschooling, so we can format your records and “translate” what you have done in a way the makes sense to school officials. Please submit your student’s courses. Include the basic […]

As you come into homeschooling you will discover there are endless homeschool styles and approaches. The wonderful thing about homeschooling is that you choose what works best for you and your child(ren). It may take some time to find what works for you. If one way doesn’t work try another. In this section you will […]