Welcome to REACH!
Resources, Encouragement and Activities
for Columbia Homeschoolers

We would like to thank everyone for their patience with us as we continue to work on updating the website.
We have the applications up and running.
We are hoping that eventually everything will be  easier for everyone.
If you get lost anywhere along the sign up process,
email reach@reachgroup.org for assistance.

 Here’s a brief overview of how the registration process is supposed to work:
1. go to “Joining REACH
2. Be sure to read the handbook
3. Proceed to pay by PayPal
4. When the paypal is complete, CLICK the link that directs you back to REACH where you can log in as a member
5. Now you will create your own user id and password–whatever is easy for you to remember.
6. The 1st time you log in you will be instructed to fill out the REACH application. Please fill out all fields.
7. RTT payment/application will be visible once you’re logged in as  a REACH member, either on the members home page or on the RTT page.

As you sign up or as you learn the new system, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have issues or suggestions on how we can improve things.

Contact form is located at the bottom of each webpage so that you can message us.
Thank you again for all your patience,



REACH is a support group open to all homeschoolers, regardless of religious preference, political affiliation or educational philosophy. We are Resources, Encouragement and Activities for Columbia Homeschoolers.

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REACH the TOP (RTT) is a 3rd option accountability for members of REACH support group. RTT is open to new and returning members of REACH. We’re accountability with support built-in!

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